day 211

My happy place.

There are 344 days remaining in the year. Describe what you’d like to be doing on day 211. June 30th.

That was today’s Daily Prompt!

On day 211, I’d love to wake up early, and go for a run in my favourite place, a trail that runs along the coast, half an hour from my house. The trail runs along cliffs, through tunnel walkways of climbing plants, down hills, along an old wall built from cement mixed with mussel shells and down to to a cove, with sea stacks and caves. It runs up hills, over a steam, past light houses…  It’s the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Even just thinking of this place calms me down when I’m anxious.

It’s my happy place.

I don’t know why I don’t visit there more often. Maybe it’s the travel, maybe it’s that when I have the time, I spend it doing other things, maybe it’s the weather, maybe I’ve just become too invested in the mundane things that fill my time…

I don’t know why this prompt was chosen to be about day 211, but I also don’t know why I would wait for that day before I do want I want to do. Don’t save things for a special occasion. Every day of your life is a specially occasion. Wake up with excitement, wonder what the day has in store for you. Make every day memorable. Give everyday the best you have.