Zero to hero challenge

Challenges and expectations

I have always had very high expectations of myself. Most of the time, they are helpful. They make me strive to do my very best in all that I do, and they ensure I never do things half way.

But sometimes, this is my downfall. I can be very impatient with myself, especially when I am new to things. I expect myself to grasp them quickly, and sometimes become impatient with myself when I don’t. I put myself down when I don’t see improvements in something I am doing. And while I would be the first to comfort a friend over things, telling them that everything takes time, that this is only natural, I find it difficult to adopt these attitudes towards myself.

But I’ve really been trying lately. I’ve been taking time out to breathe when I get frustrated with myself.

Be patient. It took generations of the best and brightest minds of their time to understand even the most fundamental of concepts.

I need a space where I can concentrate on what I have achieved so far, on what I am doing to work towards my goals, to record and celebrate the milestones along the way. I need a place where I can concentrate on myself. I need to learn to focus on what I am achieving, instead of what I expect myself to achieve, or what I see others achieving.

So this was the idea behind this blog. To develop patience, while still challenging myself to push my boundaries 😀